A National Blue Ribbon School, St. Mary’s is known throughout the city for the academic strength of our graduates. Each year we are proud to see students from our school recognized as National Merit Scholars and honored for their achievements in high school, knowing that they received a firm foundation in their studies at St. Mary’s.

From K3-Grade 8, our students are held to high standards with the expectation that they will strive to achieve to the very best of their abilities. They rise to meet this expectation each day in the classroom and it shows in their standardized testing, where St. Mary’s students consistently score 2-3 grades above the national average. The small, family-like environment of our school allows students to form close relationships with their teachers, who know them well and a hold them accountable for their academic progress.


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St. Mary’s offers a half-day program for three-year-olds to attend 3 or 5 days/week, with extended care available until 3:00pm. Our K3 curriculum includes hands-on materials for language acquisition, beginning mathematical concepts, and life skills/school skills, as well as Spanish, music, and outdoor play.

K4-Grade 5

During their elementary years, St. Mary’s students develop remarkable self-discipline, personal responsibility, and academic achievement. Within highly structured, traditional classrooms, our teachers make learning fun with creative projects and celebrations. Lessons are enhanced with SMART Boards ® and with iPads borrowed from the school library for centers and classroom activities. In addition to the regular curriculum, students also have classes in Art, Music, Computer, Library, Spanish, PE, and Science Lab.

Grades 6-8

Our middle school is located in a separate building on our campus, allowing students at this age the extra freedom and responsibility needed as they grow in independence. Students have lockers and rotate among teachers for different subject areas. Along with this independence, our middle school students are nurtured and grow in leadership within a family environment: with only one homeroom per grade students and teachers know each other well, middle school students form lasting bonds with their buddies in younger grades, Meeting in the Middle events mix students in grades 6-8 for fun competitions, and students in the older grades design and conduct whole-school service projects and host Science Day activities for younger students. With a fully equipped Science lab, SMART Boards ®, and a 1 : 1 iPad program, instruction is enhanced with hands-on experimentation, online quizzes and research, and the electronic submission of assignments. In addition to the curriculum and enrichment courses offered in the elementary grades, middle school students have the option to study either Spanish or French and qualifying 8th graders are able to take Honors courses in Spanish, French, English, and Algebra. Middle school students are also eligible for participation in Ducks sports, with outstanding coaches and championship teams. St. Mary’s is the only Catholic middle school in Greenville that offers students the unique witness and formation provided by consecrated religious.

Student Essay: What St. Mary’s Means to Me


“We consider the opportunity to send our children to St. Mary’s School as one of the greatest privileges our family has received . . . at St. Mary’s, your children and family will receive rich and enduring blessings that will have a generational impact.”

–Russel and Darst Guest, Parents

“St. Mary’s graduates are way ahead of the game . . . They are consistently well prepared and equipped with a work ethic that allows them to flourish during their four years at Greenville High School”

–Mr. Gene Hinson, Honors English, Greenville High School

“St. Mary’s graduates . . . write well, think clearly, compete hard, and understand the value of being charitable.  These students are confident and possess a robust enthusiasm for learning that reflects the best of the Dominican academic tradition.”

–Dr. Kevin Stanton, Assistant Headmaster, History Department Chair, St. Joseph’s Catholic School