Program of Catholic Studies

The Program of Catholic Studies is a comprehensive adult education program at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. The Program offers a wide range of courses and lectures offered at multiple times throughout the week all year round.

Classes begin the week of 5 September


Tuesdays 8.30 am

The Catholic Field Guide to Protestantism

with T.J. Nielsen and Tony Owens

Wednesdays 6.30 pm

How to Read the Bible

with Dr. Joe Beauchemin


The Catholic Field Guide to Protestantism
Have you ever wondered what exactly your Protestant neighbor believes and how best to explain Catholicism to them? 31 October 2017 is the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, and we are using this opportunity to go through the history of Protestantism in order to better understand what exactly they believe. Over 12 weeks we will be going through the history and belief of all the major Protestant denominations so you can know how to explain the Catholic faith to each specific denomination. So join us and learn how to to better understand and engage your Protestant friends or family.

How to Read the Bible
Are you constantly hearing Fr. Newman encouraging Catholics to read their Bible but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you already faithfully read the scriptures but feel like you could get more out of it. If so, this course if for you. Reading scripture is one of the fundamental ways by which Christians come to to better know and grow deeper in friendship with the lord Jesus. Over 12 weeks we will be using the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation (Dei Verbum) from the Second Vatican Council as a guide and framework by which any Christian can


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