Prayer and Sacraments

St. Mary’s Catholic School is physically and philosophically centered around the Lord Jesus Christ, and at the center of our campus lies St. Mary’s Catholic Church, in which the students attend Mass each week.

In addition to weekly school Mass, prayer is integrated throughout the day. School begins and ends with prayer, lunch begins and ends with prayer, and after recess students in Grades 2-8 pray the Angelus in thanksgiving for the Incarnation. In addition to daily religion classes, faith and prayer are integrated into every subject of study. Seasonally students celebrate the Living Rosary, the Gallery of Saints, Advent Wreath prayers, a Christmas Pageant, Catholic Schools Week, Living Stations, and Stations of the Cross. Students in Grade 2 prepare to receive First Holy Communion and our students in Grade 8 prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation are offered throughout the year.


Dominican Sisters

In addition to an outstanding lay faculty, our school is blessed to have a community of vibrant women religious serving full time in teaching. With gratitude to the Ursuline Sisters and the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Mercy who preceded them in this ministry, the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia of Nashville, Tennessee took up the legacy of forming young souls in Greenville in 2006.

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Virtues in Practice

Designed by the Dominican Sisters, Virtues in Practice is a program for the whole school to focus on a virtue of the month with examples from the lives of the Saints. Incorporating classroom lessons along with projects and personal goals chosen in the family, Virtues in Practice helps our school to focus on our mission to become Saints. Each week, one of our students wins the Golden Cross Award after being nominated for a deed that exemplifies the virtue of the month. The program runs on a three-year cycle of Faith, Hope, and Charity, allowing students to practice and grow in each virtue as they advance through the primary, intermediate, and middle school grades.

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Following the call of Pope Francis, students at Saint Mary’s learn to pray for and reach out to the poor. Students in the middle school take turns making lunches and delivering them to the homeless served at the Triune Mercy Center in Greenville, using paper bags decorated by students in younger grades. All grades participate in multiple collections throughout the year to benefit local and international charities. Throughout their career at St. Mary’s, students are challenged to take personal responsibility in the area of service, from raising money for heaters by doing chores in Grade 3 to designing and carrying out whole-school service projects in Grades 7-8.