Music at St Mary’s

Sacred Music at St. Mary’s

The patrimony of sacred music in the Catholic Church is one of the richest artistic treasures of human civilization, and the chief purpose of sacred music is to give glory to God in the celebration of the sacred liturgy. At St Mary’s we follow the instructions of the Second Vatican Council to give pride of place to plainchant and polyphony, even as we sing beautiful hymns from the great repertory of the Western Church. And at every musical celebration of divine worship our hearts and voices are lifted by the majesty of the pipe organ. Sacred music at St Mary’s is enriched by the service of two choirs, one for adults and one for youth, and their labors are supplemented by various small ensembles of male, female or mixed voices, each group being called a Schola Cantorum — literally a school of singers, a tradition that began with Pope St. Gregory the Great who gave his name to the principal form of Western plainchant: Gregorian Chant.

The great tradition of sacred music is alive and flourishing at St Mary’s, and we invite everyone to experience the beauty of holiness in the sacred liturgy, both at Mass every Sunday and in the Divine Office, with Solemn Vespers sung on the Sundays of Advent and Lent and Evensong from the Anglican patrimony sung on several other Sundays of the year.

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