Become a Member of St Mary’s Church

New Member Registration

If you regularly attend Mass at St Mary’s, we invite you to become a member of our spiritual family, and that begins with registration. But for each person, what follows registration will be a bit different.

If you are a practicing Catholic and just moving to Greenville or joining us from another parish, please take time to acquaint yourself with the various activities at St Mary’s, and let us know if you need assistance in connecting with a group in the parish.

If you are not yet Catholic or are a Catholic returning to the regular practice of the faith after some time away, then we recommend that you learn more about the Catholic Faith by taking classes in our Introduction to Catholicism and/or the Program of Catholic Studies.

To one and all, welcome to St Mary’s! Please be sure to introduce yourself to Father Newman either after Mass or in the office, and to make an appointment for an office visit, please call his assistant at 864.679.4101.

Please note that to be considered an active parishioner and therefore be eligible to request Marriage for yourself or Baptism or parishioner tuition in the school for your children, you must not only register in the parish but also attend Mass at St Mary’s each Sunday for at least six months and demonstrate Mass attendance through the weekly use of stewardship envelopes. The same requirements also pertain to serving as a sponsor for Baptism or Confirmation for others. Active parishioners are those who are registered, attend Mass each week at St Mary’s, and support the Church according to their means and the parish stewardship guidelines.

We have been experiencing issues with our online form. If you do not receive follow up communication is one week, please contact the office at 864.271.8422.