Alumni Successes

Congratulations to Saint Mary’s Alumni on their successes!

Six 2014 St. Mary’s graduates (who are now juniors) that went on to attend Greenville High School were inducted into 2016 National Honors Society. From left to right: Thomas Rice, Kian Razzaghy, Anna Burkhardt, Grae Sutphin, Hannah Tutela, and Caroline Melton.


St. Mary’s Graduates Recognized as National Merit Scholars:

Paul List (Semi-Finalist Scholar; St. Joseph’s High School)
Brooks McCoy (Commended; St. Joseph’s High School)

Alix Griffin (Scholar; Greenville High School),
Carol Lewis (Commended; St. Joseph’s High School)
Elizabeth Noblet (Commended; SJHS)
Cannon Palms (Scholar; Southside International Baccalaureate High School)

Hannah Lorenzen (Scholar; GHS)

William Lewis (Scholar; SJHS)
Mark Schott (Scholar; SJHS)

Stella Watson (Scholar; SJHS)
Denise Azores-Gococo (Commended; SJHS)
Lauren Visin (Commended; SJHS)

Erin McLear (Commended;SJHS)
Travis Dziad (Commended; SJHS)
Andrew Strain (Commended; SJHS)


Please let us know about additional alumni achievements!

Pat Perkins
Director of Administration
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