Parish Staff

Father Jay Scott Newman, VF

Pastor of St. Mary's Church and Dean of the Greenville Deanery

Phone: 864.679.4101
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Father Francisco Cruz

Parochial Vicar

Phone: 864.679.4116
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Father Jonathan Duncan

Administrator of St. Anselm's Community and Assisting Priest at St. Mary's

Phone: 864.679.4121
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Father Bartholomew Leon

Administrator of St. Rafka Church and Assisting Priest at St. Mary's

Phone: 864.469.9119
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Deacon Nestor Acosta


Phone: 864.679.4118
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Deacon Clark Brittain


Phone: 864.679.4120
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Deacon Diego Ferro

Director of Hispanic Ministry

Phone: 864.679.4112
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Deacon Alex Garvey


Phone: 864.255.1096
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Deacon John Heuser

Director of Liturgical Ministries, On leave from St. Mary's while working in Greece.

Deacon Joe Sanfilippo


Phone: 864.679.4119
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Deacon George Tierney

Director of Diaconal Ministries

Phone: 864.679.4115
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Deacon Tom Whalen


Phone: 864.679.4108
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Vickie Acosta

Executive Assistant to the Pastor

Phone: 864.679.4100
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Jennifer Anderson

Director of Finance and Human Resources

Phone: 864.679.4102
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Arlen Clarke


Phone: 864.901.1250
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Ernesto Chaparro

Maintenance Staff

Mario Diaz

Maintenance Staff

Jaime Escobar

Director of Facilities

Phone: 864.679.4107
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Michelle Griffin, Dining Room Manager

Years at St. Mary's: 3

Phone: 864.679.4124
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Hover Maya

Maintenance Staff

Joann Miller

Director of Religious Education

Phone: 864.679.4110
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T.J. Nielsen

Director of Christian Formation

Phone: 864.679.4114
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Chris Ortiz

Director of Youth Ministry

Phone: 864.679.4111
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Richard Padilla

Maintenance Staff

Pat Perkins

Director of Administration

Phone: 864.679.4109
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David Rhyne


Megan Soulsby

Athletic Director

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Lisa Watkins

Director of Communications

Phone: 864.679.4105
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Dorothy K Whalen, MSW, LISW – CP

Caritas Counseling Services, LLC

Phone: 864.679.4122
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Dorothy Whalen is a Licensed Independent Social Worker who works with children, adolescents, families, adults and couples. Dorothy has over twenty-five years of experience in child and family therapy, and her areas of expertise include treating emotional, behavioral, educational and relational problems. Dorothy treats many presenting problems, including depression, anxiety, mood disorders, developmental and learning disabilities, and grief from death and divorce. Dorothy is a parishioner of St. Mary’s Church and a candidate for a Masters in Theology degree, and to promote healing and personal growth, she applies a variety of clinical modalities and brings a Catholic understanding of the human person to the process of psychotherapy. She is a member of the South Carolina Society of Clinical Social Workers and the National Association of Social Workers.

Caritas Counseling Services, LLC is not a ministry of the parish; it is an independent agency through which Dorothy offers counseling services under her own professional credentials.